Actualization of the core state in the payment network

To guarantee the repetitiveness of the payment network, it is necessary to ensure the repetitiveness of the core state reading in the payment network. To do this, the payment network must store an updatable reference to the last block in the core. The payment network must be guided by the core state received in the specified block, not just the "current core state".

These commands are available in the payment network.

snapshot.core.set - Install the last block of the core

  • height - block height.

  • hash - condition of the state-machine.

The command does not require a signature.

Possible errors:

  • "Incorrect new core height" - wrong height.

  • "Unknown core block" - there is no such block in the core.

  • "Incorrect core block" - The hash does not match the block.


    "type": "snapshot.core.set",
    "data": {
        "height": 12,
        "hash": "vSsar3708Jvp9Szi2NWZZ02Bqp1qRCFpbcTZPdBhnWgs5WtNZKnvCXdhztmeD2cmW192CF5bDufKRpayrW/isg=="

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