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Build a powerful dApp on Nimera Blockchain, where transaction fees don't scale with the token price.
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Nimera Blockchain core is the central element of the Nimera ecosystem. It is designed to store accounts, keys, attributes, and more.

Network structure

Nimera Blockchains are built on a "star" topology.
  • Core - The centerpiece of the network. Represents a database of accounts (and their attributes).
  • Payment network - a specialized network for performing transfers. Connections:
  • Core.
  • ...

Node structure

Functionally, the node is divided into three parts:
  • Node (Application / State-machine) - the main part of the node State machine for tendermint. Performs transactions, monitors network accounts.
  • Tendermint - synchronizes transactions between nodes All requests to the state machine go through tendermint.
  • Front-end service - provides a standard interface to the node conceals the features of the tendermint API.
graph LR
User((User)) --> Front
subgraph Peer
Front --> TM
TM(Tendermint) --> App
TM -. network .- TM